Universal Clicck Clak waste

Universal Clicck Clak waste

Product code: 516.C

Universal Clicck Clak waste round plug

Article ID Description
516.114.C with cylindrical union D.50
516.114.CP with cylindrical union D.50 with plug for marbel

Below you can find all the finishes that Ravani makes available. To find out the actual availability of each finish for this specific product, please consult the downloadable catalog here, or contact us.


ChromePolishedchrome polishedBrushedchrome brushed

Gold PVDPolishedgold pvd polishedBrushedgold pvd brushed

Inox PVDBrushedgold inox brushed

Gun Metal PVDPolishedgun metal pvd polishedBrushedgun metal pvd brushed

Copper PVDPolishedcopper pvd polishedBrushedcopper pvd brushed

WhiteMattwhite brushedPolishedwhite polished

BlackMattblack brushedPolishedblack polished

BronzeAgedbronze aged

NickelBrushednickel brushed