Ravani was founded in the 1950, and has specialized in the production of traps since 1960.

Through innovation and resolute professionalism, Ravani is a business which soon became a market leader, transforming a traps functional item into a design classic. The evolution of this idea and subsequent specialisation in the production of, led to the design of the Millenium trap, which has, through its form and appearance, gone on to become a world standard.

Responding to the increased role the bathroom plays in modern homes, Ravani expanded its product range with the purpose of combining high quality materials with innovative and eye-catching design.

  • 1950

    The foundation of a company

    Cratfsman Angelo Ravani begins the art of knife polishing in his small workshop on Via Mainone, in the town of Lumezzane, Brescia in Northern Italy.

  • 1956

    The production of traps and waste begins

    Alongside knife polishing, brass manufacturing techniques are introduced culminating in the production of traps and wastes. Within a matter of years, this becomes the main business activity of Ravani.

  • 1961

    Opening of the factory In via Oberdan

    The company transfers production to Via Oberdan from where it is still operates to this day and changes from a sole-trader to a company ‘F.lli Ravani di Angelo e Piero snc.’

  • 1985

    A handover

    The son and brother of original founder, Serafino and Pietro Ravani take on the day to day operation of the business.

  • 1993

    Second generation Ravani

    Cousins Marco and Serafino carry on the business of their parents.

  • 1998

    New manufacturing processes

    The fusion technique is supplemented by the addition of die casting. This enables the production of a lighter trap and improvement in functionality.

  • 2000

    The trap in full view

    Bathroom décor starts to change and traps become a complementary fitting to overall design. Consequently, firstly in Italy, the Ravani design range is launched.

  • 2010

    AdHoc patented

    Serafino and Marco launch an innovative and ‘intelligent’ waste trap equipped with an automatic overflow system suitable for all freestanding baths. Ravani celebrates 60 years in business.

  • 2012

    By popular demand, the space saving trap

    The practical and theoretical align with the launch of a trap to satisfy the need for more space in the bathroom.

  • 2017

    ISO 9001 certification.

    In October 2017, we obtain UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

  • 2017

    Transfer of ownership

    In 2017, the Stefini family acquires a controlling stake in the company. Thus begins a new phase in the company development, based solidly on the foundations laid by the Ravani family.

  • 2018


    Release of Flo, the first waste for basin with an integrated overflow mechanism. Thanks to a patented system, the waste trap opens once the water safety level is reached, avoiding any spillover.