K-K Universal System

K-K universal is a complete drainage system that, thanks to its internal screw, allows the drain to be hooked directly to the trap, thus avoiding the use of additional components. A smart product that saves space under the basin.

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FLO - The first waste with automatic integrated overflow

Thanks to an exclusive new patented system, the waste automatically opens so the basin can drain and then it closes again when the water drops below the safety level.

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flo waste with integrated overflow

Patented coatingAnti-bacterial Treatment

The Anti-Bacterial Line of traps and wastes, a new release from Ravani in 2020, guarantees the sanitisation of your basin drain. The exclusive patented coating eliminates the bacteria that settle on the product surface as well as those contained in the sediment water, thereby preventing their growth. The treatment inside the trap also avoids any potential contamination from bacteria rising from the drain and sewage network.
The anti-Bacterial treatment is available on request on most of the products in the catalog.

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anti-bacterial treatment

Wastes with automatic integrated overflow and water level maintenance

CLO is a waste with an integrated overflow system, mechanical operation, and water level maintenance. CLO is designed to automatically open when the water in the bathtub reaches the pre-set level and close again when the water falls below the safety level, thus allowing the amount of water required by the user to remain in the bathtub or basin.

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A passion the lasts over time

Ravani was founded in 1950 and within ten years began to specialize in the production of traps and wastes. Satisfying the tastes and needs of our customers for over 70 years.