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Design, safely

As a result of Ravani’s continuous search for improvement we designed Adhoc and Flo, the first wastes for bathtub and sink with integrated overflow. Both beautiful and functional, they marry comfort and design like never before.

Cover Stories

Introduces an innovative approach to design and style research until now considered a "secondary" element in the bathroom. And the siphon acquires an important role in the choice of furniture space more personal.

Have a N(ice) Bath

All the taste of contemporary design, contained in a siphon. Decò, the latest in home Ravani, has lines, pleasant and delicate. Let groped and commit a little sin, Decò awaits you in the best showroom. Ravani from 1950 the name of the siphons of design.

Urban Chic

Born to fascinate, siphons Ravani always go beyond the conventions, as beautiful as a jewel and attractive by nature, establish the difference between someone who is trendy fashions and who simply follow them. Destined to be imitated, but always unmistakably unique.

For Professional Use Only

Do not ask yourself why, a siphon Ravani meet him always in the most unexpected places. Born to the bathroom who owns it can only show it, touch it, love it. An advice: leave it to the professionals, they know how to use it.


Serafino Ravani interprets the siphon Millenium. With a siphon Ravani you would want to do everything, such is its beauty, its elegance discreet but noticeable. Convince yourself, was born to remain in the bathroom.


Some things can not be hidden. We're talking about the siphon. For some, it will not be his natural destination, but there are objects that are created to be displayed and admired. If you are among those who understand that the feature is not necessarily devoid of grace in the forms. Ravani is the only choice that shares your way of life.


Underneath it the vanity. Vanity, the first exclusive triangular section trap designed by Serafino Ravani. Ravani Traps presents the 2003 collection.